November 24th- December 8th 2019

Exhibition at Espacio de Arte y Diseño Quequén, Buenas Aires, Argentina

John is part of this International Exhibition entitled Lighthouses that Illuminate the World, Quequén, Buenas Aires, Argentina.

 November 18th-25th 2019

Exhibition at National Museum of Kosovo, Kosovo

From Above 1 and 2 Watercolour is part of this juried exhibition, IWS Kosovo Watercolour Biennial 2 at National Museum of Kosovo, Kosovo.

November 3rd-23rd 2019

Exhibition at Hazuki Hall House, Tokyo, Japan

John's Aquarius painting is displayed at Hazuki Hall House as part of this wonderful show, Trolls in the Park Exhibition, Tokyo.

October 5th-13th 2019

Exhibition at Kikyu Gallery, Okazaki City, Aichi, Japan

​John Delfino introduces his newest watercolour series, Ghost Wolf at Exhibition Art International, Aichi Prefecture Foreign Artists Exhibition. 

September 17th-October 1st 2019

Exhibition at Online Gallery

​John exhibits his contemporary sketches as complete pieces of work.

​August 1st-7th 2019

Exhibition at Art Bali, Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia

One of John Delfino's watercolour paintings is selected to be in The @rtquarelle IWS Indonesia 3rd Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia.

July 14th-28th 2019

Exhibition at Art ONE Gallery, Anjo, Japan

​John Delfino's first solo exhibition entitled Aquatic where he showcases his current contemporary works.

July 2019


A UK based online zine publishes one of John Delfino's works in their first ever edition.

June 19th-23rd 2019

​Exhibition at Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Japan

An annual GAM (Global Artists Movement) Exhibition of emerging Japanese and non-Japanese artists actively involved in the art world today.

​May 2019

Featured artist on A5 Magazine, UK

John Delfino's work is chosen to be featured on Portfolio #25 of A5 Magazine (May). A5 Magazine is based in the UK.

May 18 - May 26 2019

Exhibition at Okazaki Museum of Art, Japan

This is a public exhibition to improve and promote the arts culture of the citizens of Okazaki, Aichi, Japan.

March 2019 ~

Exhibition at Izakaya Ja Nai, Japan

​A restaurant/cafe/gallery based in Okazaki, Aichi, Japan. It holds 13 artworks of John Delfino.

​FEBRUARY 2019 ~

​Visual Contributor POLEMICAL ZINE, Canada

Online magazine based in Toronto, Canada.



Okazaki, Aichi, Japan

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