John Delfino


Acrylic on Linen Canvas

100 × 100 × 2.5 cm





Our senses play a huge part of how we can experience things in life. Every time I feel drowned with voices and constant bombardment of external noises and information from what I hear, I close my eyes and I sense a whisper. Every moment we travel back and forth, deep inside we are transported to another place physically or not. A place where we want to be is where we belong. Like the feeling of comfort, a caress from your loved ones and the warmth of others.


I have created this nature-inspired painting with love and healing joy. It was painted without any reference images. I listened to my inner-self, purely in a meditative state while painting AQUARIUS.



Other info:


Sold to a Private Collector, 2020, London, UK

Exhibited at AQUATIC, Solo Exhibition, July 14th-28th 2019, Art ONE Gallery, Aichi, Japan

Featured in A5 Magazine, #PORTFOLIO #26, May 2019, UK



This artwork is one-of-a-kind authentic, original artwork. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.


This painting is no longer available to own. Please inquire about commissioned service, if you are interested in a similar piece.