• John Delfino

Un-new for 2021

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

2021 is pretty much the same as 2020 as it seems. Uncertainties still cloud over our heads and the acceptance of our new version of life seems to be unacceptable at least for some at this present time. That is ok. Just listen to your inner self. There are always things undone, unexplored and uncertain. That is why we live. We live and create our own reality.

Here are some snaps of the two works that are currently on display at ART'S Challengers, Toyokawa, Aichi.

I feel rejuvenated at least that is what I had hoped for. I wanted to create a series of paintings that is uplifting, that gives out sparks with contrasting colours of dynamic yellow and shades of grey. Rather like the yin and the yang, polarities we live in. The cooler hues of aquamarine blues and urban greens provide a sense of wholeness which blend natural with prominent yellow colour. Thus softening the image to the eye of the viewer.

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