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  • John Delfino

The Seasons of Life

Le quattro stagioni


Acrylic on Canvas



These are some snippets of a finished painting, Le quattro stagioni, 2020, which was painted during the corona pandemic. It is a commissioned artwork for an art enthusiast in London, the UK. 

Close your eyes and envisage an empty world and within this world, there lies beauty and peace. Do you see the colours of blossoms? Do you feel how they tickle your fingers when you touch them? Do you smell the freshness of the greens? Can you hear the crispiness of the leaves on the ground? I want to walk barefooted and feel the coldness.

Le quattro stagioini is a transformative painting. You are a tree of life. You have strength and courage and you can withstand what nature throws at you. You grow and grow with greater stability and awareness. You feel the changes and welcomes them. You are in control. You allow and receive what is placed precisely and beautifully where they are to be. Whatever they are, you are growth and you are the flow.

More to follow..

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