The pull, the push and the in-between

Updated: Aug 12

The pull, the push and the in-between

There is a constant tug-of-war

Of bewilderment

With growing uncertainties

We in turn have been restricted

And we have to conform

to something out of reach

And perhaps beyond our control

Our minds allow

These invisible entities

To become visible

And within ourselves

Beauty and love prevail

Strength and even will

Rain has taken over the streets

The mountains

And the earth gasp for breath

We are rebooting

We are resetting

And yet, balance is what

We often need to pursue

And from others we can learn it

This is what we truly seek

Partnership, unity

And divinity

Rain falls everyday

They cloud our minds

With emptiness

When beauty swings by

It brings colours

And life

In my heart

©2020 by John Delfino


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