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Help Power the Artist

John Delfino promotes art to communities around the world.

“I understand that art is an amazing voice and visual expression of our life experiences. It is my mission even in these uncertain and challenging times that we continue to express and share our creations that represent who we are; depicting our love and respect of each other.”

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for the love and support. 



David Stones
Callum Colquhoun
Iwasaki Nagi
Alan Louis
Nick West
Robert N. Moore
Kiyoto Yamamoto
伊藤 まさのり
Yasunori Sakakibara
Hideki Iwase
Besnik Xhemaili
Alan Louis
Craig E Morrey
Clemens Metzler
En Tanaka
Umi Madyanto


Payments made are considered as unconditional gifts to help the artist accomplish its goals. The buyers receive a token of gratitude in return if desire.