The Seasons of Life

Le quattro stagioni 2020 Acrylic on Canvas 100x100cm JOHN DELFINO These are some snippets of a finished painting, Le quattro stagioni, 2020, which was painted during the corona pandemic. It is a commissioned artwork for an art enthusiast in London, the UK. Close your eyes and envisage an empty world and within this world, there lies beauty and peace. Do you see the colours of blossoms? Do you feel how they tickle your fingers when you touch them? Do you smell the freshness of

Commission Piece "Reflections 2"

Hello spring! Spring is a time of new beginnings. I am delighted that the linen canvas roll I ordered has arrived so I am going to start stretching canvases very soon. One of them will be a commission piece for a special art enthusiast in London, th UK. I am super excited about this and I will let you know how it goes. For now, I would like to share with you that the painting will be based on a smaller piece I have created last year entitled, "Reflections". The original artwo