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There is great love here!

There is great love here! Thanks for visiting us and seeing our works. We had a tremendous time and positive response from all of the visitors many of whom are now newfound friends. It was great seeing old ones too and catching up with life in general. Here are some snaps from ART INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION. Enjoy! #artinternationalexhibition #painting #acrylic #4.1 #bewilderment #letmetakeyouthere #abstarctart #nemodelfino #exhibition #okazaki #kikyu #gallery #curators #japan

They are twins!

They are waiting for you.. Twin Flame 1 and 2 paintings are framed and labelled with my artist bio. All good to go for the ART'S Challengers Exhibition. Details of the show are below: Event: ART'S Challengers Dates: August 4th-15th 2020 TIme: From 9:00-17:00 (CLOSED: Sundays and Mondays) Place: 栄知村 〒442-0854 愛知県豊川市国府町的場10 Tel: 0533-88-5110 Google Map:


“Here and Now” by John Delfino, watercolour on paper, H15xW10cm. Hello, my Belgian friends and globetrotters. If you are out and about, come and see my artwork at Dada/fluXus/MailArt Exhibition between 15th September - 15th October (8:00-17:00), Exit11 Contemporary Art Gallery, rue de Petit-Leez 129, 5031 Grand-Leez, Namur, Belgium. Please feel free to contact me or click link for more details Thank you for you

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